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As we walk, run, and fight along our journeys for personal and spiritual development, we often place ourselves in a perpetual state of potential, waiting for what will be developed. After I… Once I… When I finally… waiting to be more, pushing to be better.  But what if there is no 'better', no 'more' to attain. What if there is only You? Perfectly exquisite, You. Just as you are. Right now.

I created Vita Lumen to serve as a lighthouse, a way to reveal the truth living inside of each of us so that we may illuminate the path back home to ourselves. By seeing the truth of who and what we are we gain access to our authenticity. The path toward radical self-love is paved by our choices, and that is exactly what we do together: we uncover the truth of you so that you can powerfully make choices that are fully aligned with your being.

I use the art of tarot to bring language down from the, often elusive, intuitive realm into practical guidance you can use in your life today.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

With Love and Honor, 


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