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Ebb and Flow.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It can be easy to mistake the feelings we associate with being in Flow with Flow itself. We may look for Flow to feel like peace or joy or ease. And if these feelings are not present, we may believe we are out of sync.

The dictionary defines an ebb as receding, retreating, flowing back, diminishing, or falling away. It is a natural part of Flow. Not separate or different, but of.

At times we experience periods of lull. When, for reasons known or unknown, our spirit requires us to stop. To ebb. To rest, recuperate, or reset. These are the moments when patience is required. When surrender is required.

I am learning to love the ebb I am in at this moment. To not judge myself for not pushing harder or fighting through my feelings. Rather I am learning to allow. Allow everything available in this ebb to show itself and flow through me.

What is your ebb showing you?

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