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Could shines a light on your fears.

When we enter the World of Could, we enter into the Light. Open to be seen. Open to feel. Open to express. Open to attack. So why continue on when the risk is so high?

Over the past several weeks I have been exploring the World of Could. Letting it call me into the light with my fears right along with me. Right there next to the excitement of breaking free is the fear that I will fail. That no one will show up. Or even worse, that they will show up and learn that I'm a fraud. I am afraid I will be left alone. I am afraid I will never fulfill my dream. I am afraid that what I want is bigger than I can live into. As I continue on my journey to Freedom, the chains of fear want to pull me back. But at least I can see them.

Could did not promise me ease.  It did not promise me a guarantee. It only promised me access. Access to something beyond my fears. Access to my heart's desires.

I do not get to know before I do. And I do not get to see before I know. In Faith I can only trust.

Where in your life are the chains of fear wanting to pull you back?

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