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there are no Shoulds. only Coulds.

As I sat in front of my tarot deck, I prayed for clarity. "What should I be doing right now". And just as quickly, a gentle whisper came through, "There are no shoulds". It was then that I realized how fraught with anxiety "shoulds" are. How they disempower. How they require you to compete against your sheer will and brute force to accomplish. How they steal your freedom of self-expression by telling you that if you don't do it this way that you are wrong, weak, bad, or misguided. In the world of shoulds there are no alternatives. In the world of shoulds there is no room for mistakes, or insight, or growth towards wisdom. In the world of shoulds we can believe a lie. In the world of shoulds the risks are too high. In the world of shoulds there is only fear. In the world of shoulds there is only judgement. And where there is fear and judgement, there is not love.

But when we open ourselves to "could" we enter the space of infinite possibility. Glorious expansion. Divine wisdom.  When we live in "could" we are reminded of what can be. Who we can be through what we can choose. In the world of could we can discover what we really love.

Could allows us to follow our heart. This is Freedom Work.

What shoulds in your life keep you from Freedom?  How can you turn these into coulds? Where are you placing judgement on yourself and others? How can you enter the world of could to let more love in?

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